Happy New Year!

Hello and New Year's Greetings to all! 2016 was a wonderful year for the Easton Historical Society and Museum, and I am looking forward to a terrific 2017 full of surprises, events, and visitors. Last night I was watching a bit of television and had a pleasant surprise. An old show, "The Equalizer" starring Edward Woodward (as Robert MaCall) was on. This particular episode was titled "Starfire" and the plot involved MaCall protecting a top secret aerospace engineer. As the show progressed, clue after clue led to another engineer who was once a friend of the intended victim. When McCall tracked down the suspect in his office, and the office door was opened, the real surprise was revealed

Holiday Greetings

Greetings to all of our fellow history lovers! I have the wonderful opportunity to see Main Street dressed in Christmas finery each day, so I thought I would send you a photo of Main Street as it looks this holiday season. The building on the right houses Bill's Pizza, and just beyond is a lit tree on the grounds of the former North Easton Grammar School. The streetlight poles are nicely decorated with greens and handsomely lit each night. All of the buildings along this part of Main Street are outlined with white lights. The downtown are literally glows! The photo is Main Street looking east from Center Street. Christmas and Hanukkah are quickly approaching, and with them come all of t

This Week at the Easton Historical Society

Greetings from a chilly Easton! If you live in the area you know what I mean! And if you don't live in the northeast, I hope you are enjoying your warmer weather. We had a very robust two weekends with many things happening here. The Holiday festival weekend was excellent, and this past weekend we had an interesting visit with authors Linda Williams and Judith Manchester (Bougas). Besides selling and signing their books, each spoke about their writing experiences. Easton Cable Television recorded the event which will be broadcast on the local cable station soon. You may also see the event, as well as other Historical Society programs, at www.eastoncat.org. A big thank you to Linda and

Historical Happenings

Hello everyone, The flag at the Society is flying at half-staff in honor of all those who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor seventy-five years ago today. My mother-in-law who is 89 can remember being in school in Brockton when the announcement came across the intercom. My neighbor on Foundry Street when I was growing up, Harvey Johnson, was at Pearl Harbor that day, and other than telling me he was there, never really said anything further about it. Let us all pause to honor the memory of the fallen, the survivors, and the brave Americans who continue to serve our country in all branches of the Armed Forces. We are preparing for our December Open House this Sunday from 1-5 p.m. From

Historical Era Doll Clothes

The Easton Historical Society will be hosting Saturday at 9 AM the Garden Club's annual Holiday Sale. The Station will be open to 5. Sunday, December 4th the Open House will be 1 to 5 with volunteer Allison Such showing at 2:30 several dresses she has created based on historical eras. These dresses handmade by Allison are sized for the popular American Girl Dolls 238-7774

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