Weekly Update

Hello friends! What a lovely day we are enjoying here in Easton! It is warm and sunny and soon the last vestiges of snow will fade into a distant memory. I had hoped to follow up on last weeks email about the Easton souvenirs, but I forgot to look for the information (I do not like that forgetful part!) and will include it in next week's note to you. A few people asked about the papers, so I will attach the list of names next week as well (assuming that I remember). Your annual dues notices are in the mail, so please be watching for them. We appreciate and value you as members and supporters! And this just in: The Chronicle episode which the town of Easton and Frank Meninno were featu

Easton Historical Society and Museum Weekly Update

Greetings, fellow history lovers! We had a disappointing weekend with the cancellation of our open house, but some snowfall and slippery conditions proved it to be a wise move. Fortunately, we will be able to present the same program at our open house on March 12th from 1-5 p.m. I'll send another update about that once we get closer to the event. Thank you to our speakers who were willing to make themselves available in March. We expect that the weather will cooperate this time! For some time now we have had in our collection a few unique pieces: a letter opener / quill pen, a two-ended sewing cushion, and a larger base that once held a large pin cushion. That last item was given to u

Event Cancelled

Hello all, due to the impending storms on Saturday and Sunday, our open house is cancelled. The program we had scheduled will be presented in March. Frank

Happy Shoveling

Greetings from snowy Easton! The weather here has finally turned from rain into snow. As I write this the snow is light, but an old-fashioned nor'easter is going to bring heavier snowfall later. I have my shovels well prepared! Some years ago I knew several of the older generation who did two things to keep their shovels working well: first, they would oil the blade after each use by wiping a liberal amount of just about any oil on after the blade was cleaned; and second, they always waxed the blade on their snow shovels. A hard wax was used such as a good floor or butcher's wax. This prevented the snow from sticking to the blade, making shoveling much easier. Of course, I do use an A

Something To Warm Up To!

Hello everyone! We had a light snowfall last night and some cold overnight temperatures. My mind wanders to days of hot, homemade bread fresh from the oven and a hot stew on the stove - just the type of hearty meal many of our ancestors would have warmed up to! So for today, I have chosen to include two recipes to help you do just that, and hopefully these will bring back fond memories of a nice warm kitchen with pleasing aromas after a hard day of chopping firewood, feeding the animals, or perhaps some good sledding! Here are the recipes as printed (notes are mine but use your own good judgement!), and they should be easy enough to adapt to modern methods as necessary. Remember to consi

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