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Our 1970 OA classmate, Kristina Lappin McGill (Kris McGill) has recently donated an fascinating 1871 Bristol County Atlas, to the Easton Historical Society. I have a few images of Easton from the atlas AND a special certificate that was found inside the large atlas. This was a Easton School system, certificate of perfect attendance, in the year 1911. It was awarded to George Ripley Wood. George was a grandson of Samuel B. Ripley and Rebecca Ripley that lived in the 1850 house on 100 Main Street. (corner of Main and Sullivan Ave currently. There was no Sullivan Ave. then) This Atlas must have been his family and was given to Kris. As a director of the Historical Society, I want to publicly th

Weekly Update

Hello to all my fellow history lovers! I hear that we are having one of the driest January's on record, but you would not know that the way the sky looks as I type this! Up here in the northeast we are waiting for a fast moving storm system to get here (and then leave!). Fortunately, it is warm and we will see rain rather than the white stuff that needs to be shoveled. When I was in my late teens and early twenties, CB radios were all the rage, and I had one too. Most of my friends did, and we all soon found a convenient way to communicate. Up until that time, we made call after call after call to get a few kids together for a game or some other event. In today's world of the internet,

Weekly Update

Hi from a very spring-like North Easton! Warm, damp, unusually seasonable! No ice on the ponds, and Sunday looks like an even better day. This Sunday, January 12, is our Open House from 1-5 p.m. I have selected some items that I hope you will find interesting to read and view, so please drop in for a visit. Check out an early edition of The Easton Journal, watercolors of a Rohdin house on Bay Road, the town's first steam roller, and some other surprises. We'll be waiting for you! We will also be featuring different items for sale, and this month we found a few round iron trivets commemorating Easton's 275th anniversary in 2000. They were made in dear old Furnace Village by Belcher Mall


Hello, and Happy New Year to all! My year got off to a good start when I remembered to write "2020" on my banking slip yesterday. I usually spend the first week of the new year tearing up papers after I realize I was still writing the previous year on my paperwork. So far, so good! For the first update of the new year I thought I would include a fun item for you. Dog - N - Suds, a once popular chain of root beer stands, for many years had a location in South Easton, on the corner of Belmont Street and Washington Street, where the current Honey Dew Donut / Subway store stands. Many of us remember driving up to the large exterior awning, having someone come out and take our order, and bri

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