Weekly Update

Hello from Easton! Massachusetts is currently still in Phase II of its reopening plan, which does not include museums. Phase III is set to begin in the first half of July if all goes well. At this time, the museum remains closed and it looks like we will not have a July open house. Even if we are allowed to open (given events around the country, that may or may not be on schedule) we are not sure what may be required of us to host an event. I'll keep in touch as the summer unfolds. Several area museums have chosen not to reopen at all this year, as they choose to exercise caution for their patrons and docents. Others are preparing to reopen in some capacity. I am carefully watching t

Blue Heron

Hi! In answer to a few requests, here is the color version of the blue heron photo which is on the back cover of the newsletter. Frank

Weekly Update

Hello, and welcome summer! The official longest day (and shortest night) of the year is today, and with the sun out in full force, things are heating up! Rod Stewart, that one time "mod" singer, released a song and an album in 1971 titled "Every Picture Tells a Story." Well, that they do! Attached is a postcard image of Main Street, looking west (towards North Easton center) taken from Langwater Pond. Take a close look at it. While this particular postcard shows a lot of wear and tear, it also tells us a lot about how postcards like this were created. At first, this looks like a normal scene on Main Street, circa 1915 or so. One would expect a dirt road, nicely fenced yards in front of

Just In Time for Father's Day!

Just in time for Father's Day at The Easton Historical Society & Museum Great reduced prices for last minute gift idea for that special Dad, Grand or Great Grandfather in your life. Go on line or call the Museum. Pictured are a few specials. Free Easton delivery and or shipping over $40. Please view the flyer. Help support this great Easton institution and non-profit

Weekly Update

Happy Saturday! It is a glorious morning here in Easton, lots of sun and comfortable temperatures too, making it one of those rare, perfect New England summer days. One of my projects for the Society during this pandemic is scanning postcards, and among the many taken of popular buildings or locations there are a few rarities. I am pleased to share one of those rarities this week. The First National Bank of Easton was organized in March, 1864, and opened for business on July 1, 1864. Located on the second floor of the Ames Company Office on Main Street, just south of the present site of Unity Close at 23 Main Street (formerly the Company Counting House), it shared quarters with a second ba

Summer Newsletter

Hello all! Our summer newsletter is on it's way! Massachusetts is slowly reopening and we are keeping a close eye on how things are going in other parts of the country. That being said, we hope to update you on the summer months by the end of June. For now, we remain closed to the public. Stay well, Frank

Weekly Update

Greetings from a stormy Easton! Summer is getting in full swing, with warm temperatures, humidity, and thunderstorms rolling through last night and later today. The rain has delayed the cutting of our hedges, but Monday and Tuesday look to be likely candidates to do that work. For today, we harken back to a time of dirt roads, horses and wagons, and the newness of having a photograph taken. The photo attached is taken from a stereoptic card made about 1870. It is a street level view looking east on Main Street from the Town Square. It would be more than ten years before the Rockery would be built. Still, this was a gathering spot for many, and the photographer captured an everyday view

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