The initial topic in volume 3 is the origin of the Oliver Ames High School-Anna C. Ames Band written by Marietta Canan. The current status of the entire music program is described by Charlene L. Dalrymple, Department Chair. OA sports are remembered with the focus not only of the school's first football team in the 1920's, but also on the success of the 2011 team. Curator Frank Meninno writes of Easton's early medical history. Several interesting articles are in this issue from memories of Eastondale and Furnace Village to transportation: "The Morse Car" by Dr. Stan Moody, an account of the Fall River Ship Line, and Mrs. Louis Frothingham's letters to the New Haven Railroad Company on behalf of beautifying North Easton's train station. Recollections of the famous White Bench at the North Easton Grammar school, memories of Frothingham Park and reflections on the Oliver Ames High School Class of 1944 are also included in this issue.

Reminiscences Volume 3

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