As Easton celebrates its 290th year of incorporation, we present articles focusing on Easton's unique history. An overview of the Ames Family includes observations by George Plimpton, David Ames, Sr.,and other family members from the past. Learn more about the donors of "Sheep Pasture", Elise Ames Parker and her brother Oliver Ames. John Bergstrom talks about one of the  committed citizens during the first half of the 20th century, Mary Lamprey, the Ames Free Library's librarian for more than 50 years. Three articles are from the ninety-year-old issues of The Eastoner, the OAHS magazine. Did you know that Easton native Paul Whitten wove more than two thousand Nantucket baskets and became a leader in the field? This and more fascinating stories and articles by Tony Chamberlain, Edmund C. Hands, Hazel Varella, David John O'Connell, Avery L. Williams, Carl Holmander and Linda E. Williams are included.

Reminiscences Volume 6

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