The first two articles will take you back to the 1700's in Easton. Professor Chet Raymo explores an archaeological site now on Stonehill property and Edmund Hands introduces us to our first Easton marine, Revolutionary War soldier Unite Keith. Three articles focus on the Langwater estate and two articles talk about the Guernsey cattle bred there. Two major events of the 1960's and 1970's were the Viet Nam War and the Blizzard of 1978. Included in Volume 7 is a copy of a letter/prayer found in the Historical Society files about the war sent to President Lyndon Johnson was written by fourteen year old Jacqueline Lesh of Easton. Kenneth Jackson describes North Easton after the blizzard. The Easton Lions Club is one of the longest serving civic organizations in the community. Norbert Duhamel wrote its history in the early part of this century. Other articles in this issue are written by David Ames, Jr., Sally Shaw Clark, John M. French, Edward McNamara, Avery L. Williams, Mark C. Bergeron, Hazel Varella and Deborah MacPhee and many more.

Reminiscences Volume 7

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