Upcoming Open House

Greetings history lovers! Our open house and fall meeting will feature the three former Ames family members who went by the name Frederick Lothrop Ames.

This Sunday, we are holding our monthly open house at the Society museum from 1-5 p.m. The exhibit will feature the several homes of the different Frederick's including Langwater, Stonehouse Hill House (Stonehill), and a very special look at the mansion formerly owned by the second Frederick in Newport, Rhode Island in the early 20th century. We will also take a glance at a few of the Boston mansions along Commonwealth Avenue. On October 23rd, we will present our fall meeting with the current Frederick L. Ames speaking on the other three Fredericks. The meeting will be held in the former mansion at Stonehill College which was the home of the second Frederick. Time is 2 p.m. The legacy left by the former Fredericks includes many of the Richardson buildings and Olmsted landscapes, the North Easton Grammar School, Langwater Guernseys, Ames Field airport, and of course, Stonehill College. Last Thursday I was able to visit and photograph "Rock Cliff" in Newport. The home was owned by the second Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Lothrop Ames in the 1920's and 1930's. The house, which is privately owned, sits on oceanfront property along Newport's famous Cliff Walk next to the former Doris Duke estate. "Rock Cliff" is a stately home, and thanks to the current owner, we are able to present you with a number of photographs of the mansion and the estate.

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