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Hello from historic Easton! I hope none of you suffered any "tricks" on Monday. Halloween used to be a pretty busy evening when I was a youngster. Each year I take a ride around 10 p.m. to check the Society for mischief, and each year, there are less and less people staying out late. This year, there was no one at all out walking around. Main Street was eerily (of course!) quiet.

I have two items to share with you. The first one is that we are going to host a visit from a class from Roger Williams University on Saturday. Roger Williams is located in historic Bristol, Rhode Island at the foot of the Mount Hope Bridge. They offer more than 40 courses of study in several schools on campus. One school is the School of Archaeology, Art, and Historic Preservation, offering advanced degrees in several disciplines under their umbrella. Professor Gail Fenske will be bringing her History of American Architecture class here for a talk and an opportunity to view H. H. Richardson buildings up close. Photographs from our collection are always a hit. Getting college students up early on a Saturday isn't easy. We'll make their effort worthwhile. By the way, if you have never been to Bristol, I recommend you go. It is a quaint community with wonderful architecture, terrific history (King Philip's War began there), a busy Main Street, art galleries, and excellent restaurants. You can visit the America's Cup Hall of Fame, Linden Place, or Blithewold. Bristol is the home of the oldest Fourth of July parade in America (1785), so unless you plan well in advance, you will have a hard time getting anywhere close to that event. The second item will keep you in suspense until next week when we have our official announcement. I think you'll find it well worth the wait. Puzzled? Good! Be on the lookout for something really special and uniquely Easton! Wishing you all a wonderful week, Frank

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