Happy Thanksgiving

Greetings! It is a beautiful but chilly day here in Easton as we prepare for Thanksgiving Day. The traditional high school football games will be a popular event for many while the turkey is roasting in the oven. Thanksgiving always brings us back to the Mayflower and the first Pilgrims who suffered through that terrible first winter in Plymouth. Once in a while I meet people who are descended from the Pilgrims and I always find that fascinating. If you are a Mayflower descendant or descended from one of the "early comers" (by about 1630 or so) I would like to hear about that if you are willing to share your genealogy with us!

With the holiday comes "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday." Did you know that this Saturday is "Small Business Saturday?" Begun a few years ago to promote local merchants, the movement has gained national recognition. By shopping local businesses you support your community. Many local businesses give back to community organizations, including the Society, throughout the year in many ways. We are grateful for their generosity and help. Attached is the winter newsletter for your perusal. The printed ones have been mailed out and you should receive it soon. We look forward to seeing you at the Society! Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving, Frank


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