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The Society recently received from the Clover Club the Easton Throws, and now the Easton Tote Bags. Here is some information about the Clover Club that was written by Hazel Varella. The Society is proud to be chosen to carry on the Clover Club tradition of offering a scholarship to Easton students from the proceeds of the sales of the throws and the tote bags. Please read on:

The Easton Historical Society assumed the tradition in 2016 that had been started in 1933 by the Clover Club of Easton of awarding a scholarship to an Oliver Ames High School graduate and the Club had continued the practice every year. In recent decades by selling Easton throws and tote bags, the Club had awarded at least two scholarships each year and sometimes three. Also four season pillows were designed for scholarship funding: spring –“Queset”; summer-“Unity Close”; fall-oldest house in Easton and winter-Langwater Pond.

The Club’s final two scholarships were awarded in June 2016. Following these awards, the Club’s Scholarship Chair for the most recent two decades, Mrs. Howard Porter (Elizabeth), transferred the ownership of the throws and tote bags to the Society with the understanding that the Historical Society would use all the profits from these two items for Easton scholarships. Also, Mrs. Porter transferred the remaining Clover Club scholarship funds to the Historical Society.

The Clover Club was one of the oldest women’s clubs in Massachusetts and was organized in 1891. In its early history the members resided in North Easton. Subsequently three other women’s clubs were organized in Easton also as neighborhood organizations: Browning Club, South Easton; Laurel Club, Eastondale, and Outlook Club, Furnace Village. The focus of each was its particular section of Easton. (The Outlook Club has partnered with the American Legion for a scholarship.) During the most recent half century improved transportation has played a vital role in the history of each.

The history of the Clover Club documents more than 120 years of generations of women donating extensive time to community improvement. IT IS NOW THE CHALLENGE OF THE HISTORICAL SOCIETY TO CONTINUE THE PROUD TRADITION OF PROVIDING SEVERAL SCHOLARSHIPS EACH YEAR TO EASTON STUDENTS. As you purchase a throw or tote bag, please realize you are contributing to a student’s further education.

Historic Easton Tote Bag Detail

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