North Easton Grammar School

Greetings from a very sunny Easton! One look out of the windows here at the Museum reveals a beautiful cool but sunny day here, very different from the past two days of cold wind and rain.

Last week the Metro South Chamber of Commerce and Douglas A. King Builders, Inc. held a Business After Hours event that celebrated two special anniversaries - the 100th anniversary of the North Easton Grammar School, and the 50th anniversary of Douglas A. King Builders, Inc. The event was held at North Easton Grammar School which has been owned by Douglas A. King Builders, Inc. for close to 20 years. Today the former school houses a number of professional businesses and office space, and is both an important part of the downtown Main Street revitalization, as well as a treasured link to our past. Hazel Varella provided the following as part of the celebration:

The North Easton Grammar School was paid for by Mary Shreve Ames, Frederick Lothrop Ames, and John Stanley Ames in memory of their parents, Frederick Lothrop Ames and Rebecca Caroline Ames. The school was presented as a gift to the Town of Easton. The architects were Charles M. Baker and Stanley B. Parker. The builder was Thomas P. Hurley. The ell was added in 1930. (Notes: The parents had built "Langwater", the estate still lived in today by Mrs. Oliver F. Ames. Mary S. Ames, who had "Wayside" built married Louis A. Frothingham who became a US. Congressman. "Wayside" is now the Easton Town Offices. The second Frederick Lothrop Ames built "Stonehill", and John S. Ames lived his entire life at "Langwater".

There may be a few of you who remember having a seat on the white bench near the front entrance. Yes, the white bench is still there! And yes, you may take the opportunity to try it out again (or perhaps for the first time) whenever you are in town.

You probably have lots of memories about attending North Easton Grammar. Patricia Baker, one of our Directors, was a student and later a teacher there, and her mother Olive H. Gurney was the principal there for twelve years. What are some of your memories?

Wishing you all lots of sunshine!


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