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Hello all, and happy spring! Today the sun is shining, a good day to work outside!

One week from today, Thursday, May 4th, we will meet for some "Chowder and Chatter" ! This is the 18th time we have held this event, first suggested by Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Misiewicz and generously funded by Lee and Kevin Williams. The event is held in the Colonial Room at Southeastern Regional High School 250 Foundry Street, South Easton. The time to meet is 6 p.m. Dinner consists of delicious chowder, clam fritters, cornbread, and coffee and deserts, all prepared by the students in Southeastern's Culinary Program. Following the dinner, we will have a panel discussion with key people who led the movement to save the Ames Shovel Works. The Shovel Shop project is a great story on several levels. First, it is one of the most successful examples of historic preservation and reuse of historic structures in America, and serves as a model for other sites that may be targeted for redevelopment. Both the preservation work and the landscaping have been recognized on a national and state level. Second, there was a very long and involved struggle to save the site from demolition in whole or in part. Third, the story shows feasible alternatives can be made that would make a project like this financially successful and prevent the site from being altered or over-developed. And last but not least, there is the story of the grassroot effort to raise public support and unify the town to vote the necessary approvals. The Ames Shovel Works project is a story worth retelling! The panel will consist of :

Fred Ames (Friends of the Ames Shovel Works)

Colleen Corona (Town of Easton)

Greg Galer (Easton Historical Commission)

David Ames (Friends of the Ames Shovel Works)

Lee Williams (Community Preservation Committee)

Josh Cohen (Beacon Communities)

Ed Hands will moderate the discussion.

There are a few reservations left for this event. To reserve your seat, please notify Hazel Varella (508-238-3614) or call the Society (508-238-7774). Reservations will be closed following this weekend, so don't wait! Seats will be filled on a first come-first served basis. There is no cost to attend, but any donations received will be used to further the mission of the Society and Museum.

I hope to see you at "Chowder and Chatter"!


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