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We are in the midst of graduation time. Stonehill College graduated last weekend, and OA graduates on June 4th at Frothingham Park (as long as the weather permits!). I thought a look back at some of the older Eastoners might be interesting. I was reading through the April 1928 edition (there were several editions of the Eastoner then, which featured a number of literary articles). I want to share with you a few notes from the OAHS Alumni report that was featured. Do you wonder whatever happened to so and so after graduation? I do. Here is the alumni report from 1928, which is small but interesting to see where some of our graduates went. Perhaps you will recognize a few of these grads!

Class of 1924

Catherine Hill, first editor of the "Eastoner", married Harold Plunkett.

Walter Weir was a pitcher for the Boston Braves.

Ida Hall was traveling with Winthrop Ames' opera "Iolanthe".

Grace McMullen was working in a Boston office.

Elvira Manchester married William Briggs of Brockton.

Class of 1925

Muriel Kew was enrolled in the nurse training program at Newton Hospital. Ruth Conant was a junior at Bates College, Maine.

David O'Connell was elected captain of the 1928-29 basketball team at Harvard.

Class of 1926 Jerry Kavka was working at the Ames Shovel and Tool Company. Dorothy Warren was attending Simmons College. Hope Cross was working in the office of the George E. Keith Company in Brockton. Arthur Jackman and Richard Parmenter were sophomores at Northeastern University, Boston. Ellen Christiansen was in the nurse training school at Brockton Hospital. Lenna DeLaura was attending the Bridgewater Normal School (teacher training).

Ester Lawson was working for William N. Howard Insurance.

Class of 1927 Tillie Jacobson was a freshman at the Bridgewater Normal School. Marie Murphy was employed by Stone and Webster, Boston. Mary Regan was attending Boston University. Joseph Holmes was attending the Electric School at Lynn, MA. Rose Mitrano was attending the Leslie Kindergarten School. George Knapp, Mary Regan, and Joseph Holmes were all employed by the Knapp Ice Company in Unionville. I thought these were interesting for a few reasons. Walter Weir pitching for the Boston Braves? I want to check that one out. And Ida Hall touring with Winthrop Ames, the Gentleman Producer of Broadway, in one of his Gilbert and Sullivan revivals? And an OA alumni named to a position of honor on a Harvard sports team? Pretty good, don't you think? And then there are a number who went on to higher education, including Rose Mitrano, who would become one of the first Kindergarten teachers in Easton. OA alumni continue to make their mark in the world, carrying on the excellent tradition of the OA graduates who came before them. Wishing all of our graduates the very best, Frank

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