Weekly Update

Hello from the Old Colony Railroad Station, home of your Easton Historical Society and Museum! We had a great week last week ending with the Legacy Festival on Sunday. We hosted the Junior Juried Art Show for children through age 18. The art work was varied and interesting! From brightly colored pieces by Center School students, to sculptures, to work done by older teens and the Oliver Ames High School art department, there were lots of terrific pieces to contemplate. Allison Krajcik was the Juror this year. Kudos to all who entered their creations!

Next week brings us to the Fourth of July. I find it hard to believe that half a year has already passed by. I hope everyone gets to enjoy fireworks (safely and legally of course) and cookouts, or other family get-togethers. Many years ago the Governor Ames family would light fireworks off near Shovel Shop Pond. In recent years, many surrounding towns host firework displays. One of my favorite places to see those are Plymouth, Ma., where they are set off overlooking the harbor. It is always a beautiful sight seeing the fireworks colorfully reflected in the water. Earlier in the day you can take in the Fourth of July Parade, listen to concerts along the waterfront, and of course, enjoy the local fare. Eastoners found out about the Declaration of Independence soon after it was adopted. Copies were circulated to be read in each town on a Sunday. The Declaration of Independence was read in Easton on Sunday, July 21st, by the Rev. Archibald Campbell of the Church of Christ in Easton. This building was located near the corner of Center and Depot Streets, across from the current Center School, and on the opposite corner from The Evangelical Congregational Church of Easton. During this time church attendance was nearly mandatory, so it was the one day of the week when you could guarantee that most of the townspeople would be gathered in one place to hear the reading. Following that, Town Clerk Matthew Hayward copied it into the Town Records, and then the copy to be read was passed to Stoughton. One can only imagine the thoughts that went through the minds of the parishioners and others while that precious document was being read! Today, we do not celebrate much on the Fourth in Easton. Perhaps it might be time to start a tradition of reading the Declaration of Independence in public, just as our forefathers did. The image below is very appropriate for this week. Taken from an early postcard, Old Glory proudly waves its folds and ripples for all to see. This card was given to me many years ago by Martha Sabin, a remarkable woman who took the time to help out a young historian! Happy Fourth to all! Frank

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