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Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division

A warm and summery hello to all! I must say, so far we have had great summer weather. It is comfortably warm during the days and cooling off nicely in the evening. What a nice time of year to be in Easton!

On Sunday we will be hosting our monthly open house from 1-5 p.m. at the Museum. A selection of recent gifts will be on exhibit. While we do not have space to show all of them, I hope you will find the selected items to be interesting. I thank you for your many important donations! Spend a leisurely afternoon with us, and enjoy some light refreshments too. This week marks the re-dedication of the Ames Monument in Sherman, Wyoming. Sitting atop Sherman Hill, the H. H. Richardson designed monument is a sixty foot tall pyramid, and is sited at what was once the highest point on the Transcontinental Railroad. On each of two sides are likenesses of brothers Oakes and Oliver Ames, two of the most instrumental people in the successful completion of the road. The reliefs are nine feet high, and were done by Augustus St. Gaudens. It is a fitting tribute to the brothers Ames, for without their leadership and financial backing the railroad may never have been built. Back on November 26, 1882, a group of people stood in the cold to honor and dedicate this monument and the memory of the men are memorialized on it. A few months ago, following eight years of study and efforts led by Anna Lee Ames Frohlich (great-great-great granddaughter of Oakes Ames), the monument received National Landmark status. This week, in much more moderate temperatures, a new group of people will gather to rededicate this monument. A symposium and dinner will be held at the Laramie Railroad Depot on Friday, July 7th, and the official ribbon cutting and dedication will be held on Saturday, July 8th. Members of the Ames family will be in attendance and I hope to get a report (and a few photos?) when they return. Congratulations to Anna Lee, the Ames family, and the many people who supported this project through donations and research! Wishing you all a wonderful week, Frank

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