Weekly Update

Greetings from historic Easton! I just finished trimming the shrubs around the Museum, with a gentle rain falling. All that work has made me hungry! Then again, I do not need much encouragement to find something to eat. This week I am sharing a menu from the Dorothy James restaurant, 126 Main Street, North Easton. Richard Hill has the original, and we were able to scan it. Dating from the 1960's it features a nice variety of breakfast and lunch items. You might notice a few things that no longer appear on most menu's. For instance, one could buy a bologna sandwich, a liverwurst sandwich, a cube steak sandwich, or just a plain jelly sandwich. You could add an orange freeze or a coffee jello to finish off the meal. It is pretty amazing that for a quarter one could get a sandwich or for a dime a cup of coffee! I hope you enjoy perusing the menu and maybe share a few of your memories!

Next week we will be hosting a tour of about 25 people from Chicago! The group is from the Glessner House Museum, the last H. H. Richardson building left in that great city. These people are directly associated with the museum and are very excited about seeing Richardson's works here. I am looking forward to a terrific visit! Have a great week, and until next time, see if you can still find a 10 cent cup of coffee! Frank

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