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Hello history lovers! This may be a day late but I thought that the wait would be worthwhile. Yesterday (Friday) the Society hosted a group tour of the Richardson buildings in North Easton. The day was very hot and humid, but these kind folks were real troopers! The people are museum docents and officers from the Glessner House Museum in Chicago, IL. Built for the Glessner family in 1885, the mansion is the only remaining Richardson building in Chicago. Participants were treated to the Frederick Lothrop Ames Gate Lodge, the Easton Historical Society and Museum, Unity Church, the Ames Free Library with a glance at the Queset House and gardens, and Oakes Ames Memorial Hall. The tour, nearly four hours long, was led by Professor James F. O'Gorman, M. Arch., Ph.D., who is the leading Richardson expert in the country and an expert on American art and architecture. He has authored many books and papers on Richardson and American architecture during his illustrious career. I learned much from him as he remarked on Richardson and his works. The trip was coordinated with Michele Rudnick from the Glessner House. I hope you will take a few moments to check out their website at www.glessnerhouse.org. And if you visit Chicago, please introduce yourself as coming from Easton! The people from the Glessner House who came here will be happy to see you! We are happy to have the opportunity to connect with a group who loves Richardson as much as we do, and who have a direct association with his works.

Many thanks to Mrs. Oliver F. Ames, Frederick L. Ames, William Ames, Unity Church, and Uma Hiremath and the Library staff for making this wonderful tour possible.

Glessner House Tour: Rear center, Professor James F. O'Gorman; in front of him is Tour Coordinator Michele Rudnick; standing at right is Frederick L. Ames.

A few people remarked about coffee jello following last week's email. I am working on a few recipes, and I'll send them once I have had a chance to try them. My drink of choice is coffee (black, no sugar please!) so I am interested in trying out coffee jello. I'll keep you posted!

Wishing you an historic week,



Frank T. Meninno

Curator, Easton Historical Society and Museum

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