Weekly Update

Greetings from the Old Colony Railroad Station! The beautiful weather continues, and visitors continue to come as well. I had several visitors today and yesterday who loved having the opportunity to see an old railroad station. Besides the great architecture, they appreciate the former use of the building. Many visitors are pleased with the condition of our building as well, and remark about the preservation work that keeps it looking so nice. All of our members should be pleased to see that their support is so appreciated!

I want to share my coffee jello experience with you. Coffee jello seems to have become popular around World War II and perhaps during the Depression. It was a way to use leftover coffee rather than waste it. Popular in Rhode Island, it eventually found it's way into restaurants in southern Massachusetts. I finally got around to making some, and I must say, I enjoyed it. I am a big coffee drinker (black, no sugar!) and my preference is for hot coffee (even in the summer). I will indulge in iced coffee once in a while. For my jello, I used one cup of strong coffee (my favorite instant coffee, two teaspoons to a cup). I let that chill for a while to make sure it was good and cool. I used one envelope of plain gelatin dissolved in a cup of boiling water, then added one cup of strong coffee and stirred it well. I refrigerated it overnight. This morning, it looked pretty good, but not quite the consistency I wanted. It was a bit looser than I expected. Next time, I will use two envelopes of gelatin. However, once I tried it, I was pleased. The flavor was balanced even though the original cup was diluted. I think with the extra gelatin, and topped with a dollop of topping, this would be an enjoyable treat on a hot day. And with today's flavored coffees, a cool hazelnut, Island Coconut, or french vanilla coffee jello topped with whipped cream or Cool Whip would be a fine ending to a summer night. If you enjoy ice coffee, you will probably enjoy coffee jello. And of course, you can use decaf! I saw several variations online for this, and some people use milk or cream added to the strong coffee to make the dessert more to their liking. For those who use K-Cups or similar coffee machines, I would brew your choice of coffee and chill one cup. Then, brew a second cup of coffee as usual, put it into a pan and bring it to a boil, and dissolve two envelopes of gelatin in that. Add to that the chilled cup of coffee and then refrigerate overnight. Good luck! Who knows, coffee jello may appear at one of our open houses!

Have a great week, Frank

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