Weekly Update

Hello from a very fall-like North Easton! Summer sure is ending on a beautiful note. Soon school begins anew, and we get ready for a busy autumn season.

The solar eclipse this past week was an interesting event. I opted not to be a sun watcher, instead I chose to watch the area around me. As the eclipse grew near there was not much difference in the daylight. At its height, I did notice that there was an odd color to the light coming through, perhaps a bit bluish-gray or dusky. The lack of light was much more noticeable inside the Museum. Even with the very large window area, it did get fairly dark inside for a few minutes. I remember well the total solar eclipse of March 7, 1970, when totality covered the east coast of the United States for about three minutes. I was outside on my yard at the time. Using several layers of old film, I took a quick look at the sun. But the most interesting part I think was experiencing near total darkness in the middle of the day. The light quickly faded, and soon I had trouble seeing my way around the yard. I do not remember seeing my shoes at all! The height of the eclipse was eerily silent. No birds flew or chirped, and the air was incredibly still. And that bluish-gray color permeated the darkness. It was a special feeling being out there sensing the mood and air around me until the eclipse gradually faded and sunlight welcomed me back to normalcy. In 2024, the east coast will once again be in near total darkness, so get your solar glasses early, but if you want a really special experience, just go outside and take it all in. It really is special! Looking for something to do on a sunny day? This Sunday, from 1-3 p.m., the Friends of Borderland State Park will be doing tours of the historic home of Oakes and Blanche Ames, "Borderland." A lot of people ask me about the inside of the house, and this is a great chance to see it as well as family belongings and furnishings, and great examples of Blanche's art. The tours are led by knowledgeable, trained docents, and the gift shop will be open. Check out their website at friendsofborderland.org for a full calendar of events, including specialized tours and children's tours. Wishing you a terrific week, Frank

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