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Greetings! It is a nice fall day here in Easton. You would never know we had a rainy week and another storm in on the horizon!

Fortunately the weather cleared in time to welcome second graders from Center School yesterday. Each year the second grade students visit. Students receive a presentation at the Museum, and then participate in a walk that features the Ames Shovel Shop, a look at Oakes Ames Memorial Hall, the Ames Free Library, the Rockery, and other nearby sites including Veteran's Park. The students are well prepared and ask excellent questions! Thanks to Hazel Varella, Nancy Deluca, Ed Hands and I, these students have the opportunity to learn about the town they live in. On Wednesday we will host the second graders from Moreau Hall, and I look forward to spending time with them. Below is a photo that I though you might find interesting:

Taken from the top of the original Easton High School (site of the original Oliver Ames High School on Lincoln Street) about 1870, this view looks south along Center Street. The stately home just to the left of center is the home of Admiral George Francis Faxon Wilde, who had an interesting career as a Navy officer. Immediately above that is the home of D. C. Lillie, and later his daughter Marianna Lillie. You might remember her. She gave music lessons out of her home for many years. Recently we received a small portable pump organ that she used in her home from Barbara Read. As you can see, Center Street is largely undeveloped and quite rural once you get outside of the confines of the village area. You might recognize some of the other homes pictured here as well. Wishing you all a terrific week, Frank

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