Weekly Update

Greetings fellow history lovers! Typical of New England, after a few very mild days we are now back into chilly fall weather. Lots of visitors have been here the past few days as the continuing good weather brings out a lot of walkers and sightseers!

Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend, so remember to turn your clocks back one hour. Speaking of time, one thing that you could set your watch by was the arrival of the train. My grandfather worked for the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad from the 1930's through the 1960's. He always had his railroad pocket watch, and the trains did run like clockwork with very rare exceptions. Below is a freight ticket from the former Old Colony & Newport Railway company, who was the successor to the Old Colony Line through Easton. The receipt was given to Abijah Tisdale for shipping 183 barrel hoops "more or less" as written on the paper, at a cost of $10.98. The receipt is dated August 21, 1872. Abijah lived on Mountain Road and making hoops was one of the many jobs he did on his farm. He traveled to North Easton to deliver his goods and have them sent on to a customer. He would have done business at the original railroad station in North Easton, which was a large wooden structure, barn-like in form, with a small office to handle passengers and freight. The hoops made by Abijah may have been sent either to Boston or Fall River, who were both connected by this line at the time.

Enjoy the fall weather! Frank

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