Weekly Update

Hello from a blustery and chilly Easton! This is Veteran's Day weekend here in Easton. On Saturday, a parade will take place along Main Street, stopping at the World War I monument in front of the former North Easton Grammar School, and continuing to Veteran's Memorial Park at the intersection of Sullivan Avenue, Pond Street and Mechanic Street where appropriate exercises will be offered. I hope you can attend, or find a parade or event in your area to honor the memory of all those who have faithfully served our country.

On Sunday we will have our monthly open house from 1-5 p.m. at the Museum. For those who have seen the article in the Easton Journal, please be advised that the program is definitely Sunday at 2 p.m. and NOT today as specified in the paper. We apologize for any confusion!

Sunday, November 12 at 2 p.m. we will have a presentation about a new book, So We'll Meet Again, that contains a number of letters written by the Honor Roll Committee of the Swedish Lutheran Church to their members serving during World War II. Elaine Anderson Sears, Priscilla Almquist-Olsen, and perhaps others will talk about the letters and how the book came to be. The letters give a unique insight into World War II Easton and how it has impacted the town and families. Although these letters feature Easton names and places, they represent the mood and feelings of many small towns going through the same events. Books will be available for sale at this event, and they would make a wonderful gift to honor family and friends who serve today or have served in the past, or for any historian who wants a first-hand account of life in a small war-era town.

Remembering all of our veteran's, and thankful for their service and sacrifice,


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