Weekly Update

Winter greetings from Easton! If you have already headed for warmer climates, then you missed a few light snowfalls and some single digit temperatures this past week. Enjoy your sunshine!

This week I have some sad news to share. Veronica Carter passed away this past Wednesday evening, just a few weeks shy of her 110th birthday (January 21). She was doing well and her passing was unexpected, even at that great age. Hazel Varella, Debbie Salisbury, and Deb's mother Jeanette Peterson visited with Veronica on December 6th and had a wonderful visit. Veronica was a long time teacher at OAHS and was the head of the Business Department. I had the pleasure to meet her in her later years, and she was a special person. One of her favorite memories of her time living on Lincoln Street, North Easton, was watching one of the Ames women (probably Julia, wife of Hobart Ames) riding her horse in the old-fashioned side saddle position favored by ladies of the day. Hobart's land ran behind the Carter home, and had several trails for riding. Hazel Varella was interviewed yesterday for a story on Veronica which appears in today's Enterprise. Below is a link to both the Enterprise and Easton Journal websites so you can read the story, and see a very nice photo of Veronica as well. One correction from what is printed in the story: Veronica was a Treasurer and Board member during the years listed in the article (and was a member right up to her passing


Stay Warm!


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