Season's Greetings!

Season's greetings, everyone! And a cold season it is! Today, as of 11 a.m., the temp outside is a bone chilling 9 degrees, and wind chills are still below zero. If you are here, you know what I am talking about with the cold. If not, be thankful!

Some time ago, Richard Hill donated to us a book titled History of New England published in Boston on December 10, 1879. The book includes brief notes about the various towns throughout New England, by state, and then by county. Below is the write-up about Easton, supplied by a Dr. F. E. Galligan of Taunton, who wrote for all of the towns in Bristol County. "Easton, population 3,898, the Indian name of which was Hockamock, was also a part of Taunton until 1725, when it was incorporated. The town was named in honor of John Easton, who was Governor of Rhode Island from 1690 to 1694. A weekly paper is published here. Easton manufactures one-half the shovels made in all the world. Rev. David Reed, editor and founder of "The Christian Register," was born here in 1790. Oakes Ames, M.C. was born in Easton January 10, 1804, and died May 8, 1873." Although the description above was well-intended, it is not quite accurate. Easton was part of the town of Norton from 1711-1725. As the east end of that large town, the people living here became known as "east-enders" and that is probably how the town received its name. A weekly paper, the original Easton Journal, was indeed published here until the late 1880's. The initials "M. C." following Oakes Ames' name means "Member of Congress." I found the mention of Rev. David Reed to be quite interesting, and I will have to research his work and the publication he founded. Stay warm, and Happy New Year to all! Frank

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