Weekly Update

Greetings fellow lovers of all things historic! A week ago we were stuck in a foot of snow and very cold temperatures. Today the wind is howling, temps hit 60 in Boston, and we are getting ready for heavy rain and freezing temps. One will not have to find a pond to skate on Saturday night!

This week there are two historical events for you. First, of course, is our monthly Open House this Sunday from 1-5 p.m. at the Museum. I chose some photos of North and South Easton for your perusal, and a few special artifacts. You can see three views of Main Street taken in 1935, and you can see the buildings that once surrounded Dean's Pond in South Easton. And don't get stuck on the harpoon tips! The second event is also on Sunday from 3-5 p.m. at Oakes Ames Memorial Hall, where the Easton Historical Commission will present their annual Preservation Achievement Awards. This program was started 18 years ago when I was still on the Commission. Two awards are given as deemed appropriate by the Commission. The Briggs Award, named in honor of Easton's first settler Clement Briggs, recognizes those who have made significant achievements in preserving Easton's historical landscape or architectural integrity. The Chaffin Award, named in honor of Rev. William Chaffin, who authored the History of Easton in 1886, is given for significant achievement in preserving Easton's history. The Commission also includes as a part of this event a photography contest. Entries capture "The Beauty of Historic Easton Through its Landscapes and People." Check out the winning photos of the very talented photographers! Right now, the forecast is for heavy rain through Saturday followed by below freezing temps and concerns about icy streets and parking lots. If you are not sure about coming out to see us, be sure to give us a call first at 508-238-7774. Stay safe! Wishing you all a wonderful week, Frank

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