Weekly Update

Greetings from sunny but cool Easton! This Saturday there is a special election for a seat on the Board of Selectmen. It is pretty unusual to have elections on a Saturday! I hope people will take time from their busy weekend schedule and remember to vote.

Last Sunday I was honored to be the recipient of the Chaffin Award, given by the Easton Historical Commission for significant achievement in preserving Easton's history. I was a member of the Historical Commission when this award, along with the Briggs Award (for preserving historical landscapes or architectural integrity) was first developed, never imagining I would one day be honored to receive one. And it really is an honor to be included with so many others who have done so much hard work to protect our historic resources. I accepted the award on behalf of all of the Members, Directors, and Supporters of the Easton Historical Society and Museum, present and past, because as I have said before, it takes a lot of dedicated people, who provide resources in many different ways, to keep an organization like ours successful. Thank you all for contributing to our success! Below is a photo of an interesting addition to our collection. This little Tiger was donated by Priscilla Almquist-Olsen and was featured at our past open house. It is one of an unknown number that was hand made and sold to boost OA sports. It probably was made in the very late 1950's or early 1960's, and was likely sold at OA football games as a fundraiser. Does anyone know more about these? Do you know who made them? It sure would be nice to know if anyone has that information to share. Our little OA mascot will reside in the OAHS exhibit in the Museum for all to see.

Wishing you all an historic week, Frank

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