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Hello all! The cold, crisp air is certainly a reminder that winter is still with us. So too is the Super Bowl! The Patriots continue to make history with another chance for a championship. John Ames, Jr. would be proud of the team that he helped found back in the 1960's! And yes, I have a prediction, and you will find it at the end of this email.

Here is a really neat photo for you one of Main Street, looking south from the entrance to the Ames Shovel Works. An unknown photographer took it on June 3, 1935, a time when America was still in the midst of a Great Depression. Someone (perhaps the photographer) made notes on the photo, detailing a few of the interesting places pictured. Of particular note is the building on the left, which housed Hay's Lunch Room at the time. This must have been a soup and sandwich place for Ames Company workers and perhaps others in the neighborhood. I do not know much about the restaurant or who ran it. Do you? Also featured right in the center is a good view of the bandstand at the Rockery. A popular gathering place for many years, it provided a place to socialize and many concerts were held there. It, along with Frothingham Park, the Ames Free Library, and the Oakes Ames Memorial Hall, would provide entertainment and fun at a time when people needed something that could be had at little or no cost to them. Some of the landscaping is interesting as well. The low wall that marks the entrance to the Ames Free Library features what appear to be forsythia bushes, and the entrance to the Ames Shovel Company, at left in the photo, appears to be landscaped with varieties of low plants and shrubs. Some of those also may be forsythia bushes as well, which would add a dash of bright yellow each spring. You might take note of the old fire hydrant too, not on the sidewalk, but in the street!

And finally, my Super Bowl prediction: whoever scores the most points wins! Now, how can you beat that? Go Patriots! Until next week (and a sixth Lombardi Trophy?), Frank

Frank T. Meninno

Curator, Easton Historical Society and Museum

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