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Greetings! Just think...forty years ago this week, we were shoveling our way out of more than 40 inches of snow! The great Blizzard of 1978 was a three day snow event that caused massive headaches. I vividly remember parking my car in our driveway, after a drive of more than an hour to get from Washington and Central Street to the Five Corners, and not being able to see it the following morning. At least I got home! Remember the people stranded on Route 128 or other highways? Or the crowd stuck at the old Boston Garden where the Bruins were playing? Well, I spent my days shoveling and my nights at the Tally Ho which we found out was open! So we walked right down Foundry Street for a warm meal and tipped back a few too. And then we walked right down the middle of the road back home. If you have stories of the Blizzard of '78 I would like to hear them. Do you have any photos? I would love to see them.

This Sunday is our monthly Open House from 1-5 p.m. Visitors will be able to see photos of the "Spite Shop" built by William Hadwen Ames to improve upon the manufacture of shovels. The nickname for this endeavor is not really appropriate though. William was a mechanical genius by all accounts, and set out to prove that there might be a better way to produce Ames shovels. The existing shovel shops did not have space for him to try his theory out, nor would the shops have been retooled. So he built himself a plant on the corner of Oliver and Elm Streets to prove his point. Stop in, see photos of the plant under construction and some of the machinery inside, as well as a few other fascinating items. A sneak peak of the plant is below. Many of you will remember it as the home of the Stedfast Rubber Company. Waiting for spring, Frank

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