Weekly Update

A late winter hello to all of our friends! New England is a funny place sometimes, especially where the weather is concerned. This past week we had two days that hit a beautiful 70 degrees, then a little snow the following day. But at least it looks like we will not be dealing with what we dealt with in 1886 and again in 1968!

Below is a photo of the great "freshet" of 1886, when rains overwhelmed the rivers and brooks, causing severe washouts. This photo is taken looking south on South Street, towards Highland Street, where the brook crosses the road. You can see the damage done there by the running water. Another large washout occurred on Turnpike Street, near the Shoddy Mill site. Fifty years ago, in March of 1968, we experienced a spring thaw, that combined with rain and snow pack, to overwhelm many of the streets and dams in Easton. I remember Foundry Street being closed and unpassable as water rushed over the dams at Old Pond and New Pond. Fortunately, those dams held, but Flyaway Pond was not so lucky. Next month we will remember the spring of 1968 when Flyaway Pond flew away! A few of you have responded to a prior note about the flood (thank you!), and I encourage you to continue to send your memories of that along to us.

Wishing you a great weekend, Frank

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