Weekly Update

Hello from a wild Easton! It was a very historic week weather wise, with two nor'easters coming through. The first one was one of the worst storms in my memory, knocking out power to 92% of the town for days. There were lots of trees down, and unlucky residents with trees on houses, barns, or very severely damaged vehicles.

Our Open House is tomorrow, March 11th from 1-5 p.m., and we will have articles and photos on display of the 1968 flood. You might remember that one, fifty years ago this month (the 18th to be exact). That was a memorable event brought on by a storm that dumped 6 inches of rain over the area during 30 hours of weather. A few of you responded with memories, and I thank you. I do hope you will be able to join us! Two more things: If you have photos of storm damage from this past week, please consider sending a copy for our records. I can scan them here if needed while you wait! Second, both Father Time and Mother Nature have conspired to delay the newsletter. I will email it out as soon as I complete it, and put hard copies in the mail very soon.

Stay dry!


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