Weekly Update

Greetings, and a Happy St. Patrick's Day to all! While you down a green beer or corned beef and cabbage, pause a moment in homage to the Irish who helped to build this country. In Easton, a very quickly growing group of Irish laborers provided much needed workers for the Ames Shovel Company. With them came a new culture, and soon the Irish were making their mark in town. A book on Taunton area churches from the late 1840's notes that the Irish Catholic Church in Easton was the largest congregation in town. Now, that is fast growth! And did you know that Lincoln Street was once known as McCroon Street? (not so sure of the spelling there). Some recent visitors from Ireland recognized the name! "Chowder and Chatter" is coming soon, so look for the information inside the newsletter. Remember not to mail your form back until the date mentioned, so all may have the opportunity to receive their newsletter and have an opportunity to reply. Have a great week! Frank

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