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Hello, and a happy (?) Friday the 13th to all!

***Change of date*** The appreciation for Ellenor Simmons of Bordeland has been changed to Saturday, May 5th, to accommodate her schedule. The event, sponsored by Avery Lee Williams, will still be held at Oakes Ames Memorial Hall between 7-11 p.m. as previously noted. Many people associate today with bad luck, and try to avoid doing things, or even refuse to go to work! The number 13 for some reason or another is considered unlucky and sometimes avoided. I have heard stories about hotels and tall buildings that do not have a "13th floor" and lists that do not include "13" within their counts. I do know of families with 13 or more children (seems like they were not worrying about stopping at 12!). For me, today is Friday, the end of the work week, and as such it is welcomed! Attached is a little goodie for you to consider. With people celebrating Easter or Passover in recent weeks, many attended an Easter or Passover service at their church or temple. Many years ago, worshipers paid a "pew tax" to help to support the ministry they subscribed to. This became especially popular, and necessary, when town taxes were no longer used to pay the pastor of the town church. "Pew taxes" or dues as they were sometimes referred to, varied from place to place. Usually, a family would pay for their pew and were assigned a number to identify their pew. Those pews that were located towards the front, or nearer to the center aisle, were more valuable than those along the sides, alcoves, or upper floors of the church building. Your pew location was as much a status symbol as anything else. On June 30, 1868, George Washington Hayward, the patriarch of the Hayward family on Foundry Street in South Easton, and a leading citizen and businessman, paid the sum of $2.52 to the Evangelical Congregational Society in Easton for pew number 55. This was a six month fee, and entitled he and his family to that pew on any church service. I wonder where #55 was? Was he front and center, or more reserved? Where would I have chosen for my pew? Well, many of us no longer "own" the place we sit at, although someone beating us to our favorite seat sometimes annoys us. Now it pays to arrive early to get a choice seat!

Enjoy! Frank

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