Weekly Update

Hello all! A fine stretch of weather has set in with temps resembling Florida. A thank you too all who brought their nice weather back with them after enjoying their winter stay!

This Sunday we will hold our Annual Meeting at "Queset", located directly behind the Ames Free Library, at 2 p.m. Following a brief business meeting, we will hear a presentation by volunteer Emily Wormwood who has been researching Oakes Angier Ames, who had "Queset" built. He is an extraordinary man who guided the Ames Shovel Company through a time of explosive growth and success. Emily will present findings based on her research, which was done to create a Wikipedia page on Oakes Angier. Working with William Ames, she has also done research on him as well as Captain John Ames, David Ames of the Springfield Armory, and Mary Ames Frothingham.

After the meeting concludes, enjoy refreshments and then attend a guided tour of "Queset" led by Hazel Varella. You do not want to miss out on that!

A real surprise came in this week. Some of you may remember "Cookie " Callahan, the popular Eastoner who ran a business for many years selling cookies, cakes, and sweets on a route, offering his goods door-to-door. Did you know that he was also the leader of a band? One of the members of the band was Clyde H. Manchester, or "Ty" as he went by. This week, Eric Lothrop brought in the trumpet and case that belonged to Manchester, and who was a member of "Cookie" Callahan and His Eastonians! The instrument has been donated by Clyde's daughters, Clydette Lothrop and Deborah Pierce. Below are two photos of this unique donation. Does anyone remember this group, or who else may have been a part of it? It sure would be great to find out! Are there any trumpet players out there?

"Cookie" Callahan died in 1972 at the age of 69, and Clyde Manchester died in 1999 around 90 years of age.

Hope to see you all at the Annual Meeting, and have a great week!


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