Weekly Update

Greetings! I would like to introduce you to George Andrews. George was born and raised in Easton on what is now Mechanic Street. His father, William Andrews, was the first person to settle there in the 1840's, building a house at what would be 7 or 9 Mechanic Street, in the area that is now occupied by the former Methodist Church building. (The house was probably torn down or moved to make room for the relocation of the church from the Rockery to Mechanic Street.) George went on to marry and build his own home which now stands on the little lane off of Mechanic Street (15 Rear).

George and a number of Easton men answered the call to duty when the Civil War broke out, joining the 7th Mass. Volunteers. He served for three years, seeing action all throughout the war, returning home after being discharged for illness which he never fully recovered from. Upon his return to Easton, he worked for two years as master of the old railroad station. Later, he worked as a shoemaker.

The Society has received a gift of letters, papers, and family items from his time in the Civil War and his service as a member of the G.A.R., which had a hall in Eastondale. This important collection includes letters written each week from wherever he was stationed during the war to his parents and other family. We now have first hand accounts of Civil War action, and the letters probably also will mention other Easton men he was in camp with. Another group of materials are related to the G.A.R., which is important because the hall burned in the 1890's and few records survive. It will take some time to read all of the material we have been given. This is a rare collection of family history and we are honored and excited to receive it. You will be hearing more about this as we become familiar with the collection.

I hope you all have a great week!


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