Weekly Update

Greetings fellow historians! Well, it looks like we are back to fall up here. Cool, damp, and oh yes, colors! A good weekend weather report should begin to help turn out the oranges, yellows, reds, and golds that we have been waiting to see. Easton certainly is a great place to be in the fall! As you may have heard by now, Mrs. David Ames, Sr. passed away on September 2 at the wonderful age of 99 (just a few months shy of 100!). Mrs. Ames was a frequent visitor at the Museum, very interested in history, and always supportive of what we were doing. She was a wonderful encouragement to a fledgling curator such as myself. Many years ago, she donated our sign, and when that needed replacing she again donated one in memory of her late husband David. That is just one visible example of the way she supported the Society through the years. Mrs. Ames was full of wisdom. She spoke in carefully measured words that were always worth listening to. One Sunday afternoon, shortly after I became Curator, she attended an open house at the Museum. I accompanied her as she viewed the exhibits, pausing to look at a series of photos of the Ames houses in North Easton. Next to us was a young couple who were marveling at the same house photos. I can remember them remarking about living in such circumstances, beautiful homes, lovely grounds and gardens, not having to worry at all. Mrs. Ames, standing next to us, was carefully listening to what they were saying (they did not know that it was Mrs. Ames standing next to them). When the couple finished their remarks, Mrs. Ames turned a bit, and spoke a few well-remembered words. She simply said, "When you have your family, you really have everything." With those few words, she put everything into perspective, and she had it right. And I think, at least for me, that is the perfect way to remember her. She had such a great love for her family, and she knew full well that family was much more important than anything else in one's life. Those well chosen words will stay with me for many years to come.

I hope you all have a special week!


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