Weekly Update

Hello from a very colorful Easton! Today is one of those great fall days that we love in New England - sunny, cool, and getting full of color! A great time to be in New England for sure (though I may have a change of heart by January!).

I am happy to announce that the newest edition of Reminiscences is now available at the Museum. This is the ninth volume in the series. 119 pages in length, it includes a really terrific article on the first three Frederick Ameses written by the current Frederick L. Ames. If you remember the excellent presentation he did for us at Stonehill, you will enjoy this extended article on three very influential men. Also included are great articles on General George Washington (did he really sleep in Easton)?, updates on many Easton teachers, Furnace Village, memories of growing up in North Easton in the first part of the 20th century, a geological look at our rocky back yards, and a humorous piece whose words all begin with the letter "a". As you know, there are many more features including photos. Your favorite authors Ed Hands, Hazel Varella, Lee Williams, and others as well as poetry by Anne Drury, round out the book. We should have it available online soon. And of course the Patriots won and the Red Sox host their first playoff series against the Yankees. Ah, fall in New England! Pour yourself a warm cup of cider, grab a fresh donut, and until next week, Frank

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