Weekly Update

Greetings! The New England weather has proven the old adage once again: if you don't like the weather, wait! We went from frosty mornings to warm and wet weather, and the rain is coming down pretty steadily now as I write this.

Remember to set your clocks back one hour tonight as Daylight Savings Time ends. We all get an extra hour of sleep tomorrow morning! The picture below is interesting, showing the Reed house at Easton Center, or Monument Square as it used to be called. The house, which some have dated to the 1760's, has been empty for a decade or more and has fallen into disrepair. Now the house has been listed for sale! I am hopeful that a buyer might be found who would be willing to fix up the old place, while retaining the character of the house and barn. This was a nice house when I was young. Charlie Porter, a well known carpenter, lived there for some time. The Reed family was once well known, and the old homested was one of the dominant buildings in what was the center of town, along with the old Town Hall, two churches, the Soldier's Monument, a school, and the Poor Farm.

Until next time, Frank

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