Weekly Update

Hello fellow history lovers! Yesterday brought two significant events to Easton: the first snowfall of the season, and a special visit. First, the weather was difficult as a storm came in overnight delivering about 4" of snow, followed by rain, making for a very heavy snow and unpleasant morning on Friday.

Second, the weather did not deter a scheduled visit of hardy mid-westerners who were already in Boston for an event! We welcomed in a group of people from the Glessner House Museum, Chicago. The John J. Glessner House is the only H. H. Richardson building left in Chicago. It was designed by Richardson who unfortunately did not live long enough to see the building completed in 1887. The Museum houses a variety of wonderful collections, and if you are in the neighborhood, it would be time well spent visiting and taking in a magnificent Richardson house. You can learn more by visiting https://www.glessnerhouse.org/.

Even with the poor weather we were able to take in most of the Richardson buildings in North Easton, as well as Unity Church. The visitors were quite excited to see more of Richardson's work, and even with the bad conditions, the group enjoyed a chance to get more Richardson knowledge. They were surprised to see so many important artisans represented here - Tiffany, St. Gaudens, LaFarge, Olmsted, Truman Howe Bartlett and more! I answered questions as they came up, and supplied anecdotes and stories to help round out their experience. They left North Easton just as the storm wound down happy that they still took the chance to visit. It was really good to make a connection with our fellow Richardson lovers from another part of the country!

When it comes down to it, we New Englanders consider ourselves a pretty hardy people. So do our fellow country men and women in the mid-west. If they were hardy enough to brave the storm and visit Easton, well who was I to let them down! It isn't a case of who is hardier at all, as we proved to be equals in all respects.

Thanks to the Ames family, Unity Church, the Oliver Ames Free Library, and the Oakes Ames Memorial Hall for making this tour possible. And should you find yourself in Chicago, and up for a visit, let the nice people at the Glessner House know where you come from!

Have an historic week,


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