Weekly Update

Hello, and a Happy New Year to all! The mild weather continues to bring in visitors, many waiting for a table at the Farmer's Daughter restaurant. Just this morning, two groups came to visit while waiting, and they were very happy to discover us and have an opportunity to come in and learn something about Easton. Being open and available for drop in visitors is an important part of what we are able to do. I am so grateful to be able to do just that. Some of these people may only come in once, especially if they are from another area, but others will return again for an event or a program. A warm welcome is extended to each person who comes in, and hopefully they will leave with memories of an interesting visit to our Museum.

As the year wraps up, I am mindful of all that our members mean to us. Your support, given in so many ways, makes our Society and Museum a truly special place. Thank you for all that you do to ensure our continued success! Wishing you all a very good New Year, and looking forward to exciting things for 2019, Frank

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