Weekly Update

Greetings from a wet and stormy Easton! Although it is warm and rainy today, we expect a seasonable snowfall and cold weather Monday night and Tuesday. Hopefully this winter will be milder, and tamer, that last year's record cold and major snowstorms (one such storm left more than 90% of Easton without power, some for many days).

If you need some encouragement to get through the wintry weather, why not tune in to watch Chronicle this week? The show will feature places of "hygge"! What is that? It is described as a place of comfort, a place to snuggle. The Ames Free Library is featured in this program. The atmosphere there is conducive to hygge (picture curling up with a good book on a cold day). Here are the viewing details, from the producers of Chronicle: The air date has been set for TUESDAY, JANUARY 8 at 7:30 PM EST on WCVB TV Channel 5 (ABC). Please tell friends and family and spread the word on social media. My IG/Twitter handle is @sangichandra – please tag when you post. Chronicle’s handle is @Chronicle5.

The show will be posted online very soon after it is broadcast at wcvb.com and on the WCVB app.

Last week I welcomed in a couple from Minnesota who enjoyed railroad stations. They were excited to see ours and hear about Easton's history. Below is one of the photos I had out for them to see. The photo was taken nearby around 1870 or so, and the engineer's name is recorded as Frank E. King. I believe he is the gentleman walking at the front of the engine. It is a wonderful photo of the type of steam engine that the Old Colony Railroad would have been running through Easton. Having a name attached to someone in the photo is always special. I hope you will enjoy it, and perhaps some of you train buffs might supply some details on the engine?

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