Weekly Update

Hello! What a week we had here! Snow and ice Sunday, Monday saw temps less than 10 degrees all day, yesterday we had 60 degree temps with monsoon wind and rains, and today is clear and sunny but back to freezing! New England really does give us such a variety of weather. Just this Monday past there was an ice fisherman on Shovel Shop Pond, shelter and all, tending about a dozen holes. Yesterday the ice was gone!

Winter does come each year of course, and once in a while we come across an old photo to remind us just that. Winter photos from the old days are rare. One reason for that is the sensitivity to early photographic plates to the bright winter sun reflecting off of the snow. All that light made good images hard to capture, and one would need a skilled photographer and a very good camera to take a good photo. The photo below is interesting because it clearly depicts a winter scene overlooking the Ames Shovel Company buildings. The photo was taken near Main Street, possibly from the new North Easton Village District Fire Station (now the Children's Museum in Easton). You can notice that in the foreground there is a new street - Sullivan Avenue! Built in 1901, the road provided direct access to the train depot and Ames Company housing from Main Street. An old street light is visible as well as the great stone retaining walls that hold up Sullivan Avenue and the underpasses into the Ames Shovel Works. There also appears to be a nice concrete sidewalk alongside the wood fence.

Well, that's enough talk of snow for now. It might be cold here, but the ground is bare! Stay warm, stay well, and until next week, Frank

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