Special Announcement

Greetings fellow history lovers! The Society is pleased to announce the availability of a terrific new book!

"In Death Remember'd - 18th Century Gravestone Carvers of the Taunton River Basin" by Vincent F. Luti is a beautiful hardcover edition illustrating the work of notable gravestone carvers who worked during the Colonial period in our region. This 154 page volume is heavily illustrated and focuses on the work of five gravestone carvers: David Linkon of Norton; Barney Leonard of Taunton and Bridgewater; Ebenezer Winslow of Berkeley; Cyrus Deane of Taunton; and Jabez Carver of Raynham. The edition contains short notes on the life and work of each carver, and illustrations of their associative lettering styles, borders, and decorative carvings. A number of Easton surnames are mentioned: Howard, Hayward, Ames, Guild, Pratt, Manley, Den, and others, and there are black and white photos of a number of gravestones. If you have roamed any of the old cemeteries in the Taunton River Basin area and wondered about the beautiful work on the old stones, then this book is for you! The book was originally published by American History Press and listed at $34.95 each. Thanks to a very generous offer from the publisher, we can make a limited number of copies available to you for $15.00! The book will be available at our Open House this Sunday, and will be available online very soon. Frank

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