Weekly Update

Good day! The sun is out in its full glory this morning, and sure is a nice sight to see after a cold and rainy day yesterday.

We had a very busy open house last week. It was great to see so many people out! There is a lot of interest in the new book "In Death Remember'd" that discusses gravestone carvers in our area. Visitors from as far away as Lakeville and Berkley came in to check the book out. Others were taking a good look at some rare old photos, a beautiful copper-tone cake carrier, and an A&P ad from 1929 that featured a lot of familiar brand names and items. Now, for some business! Your dues letters will be mailed this week, so please keep a watch out for it. Your annual dues and donations really helps to get us off to a good start for the year, and your support enables us to continue to do the work we are called to do. Not sure about your membership status? Take a look at your mailing label. The printed year on the upper right corner tells you if you are current. Some of you took advantage of the two or three year rate. If your label says 2019 or later, your dues are paid up to date. If your label says 2018 or earlier, your dues are due this year. The annual dues letter is an opportunity to remind you of some of the highlights of the past year. It also helps us to keep in touch with you, so even if your dues are paid up, please fill out and return the reply form so we can update any email, address, or phone number changes. We appreciate you taking the time to do that! That's all for now, so keep your eyes peeled for your dues letter and other sure signs of spring! Frank

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