Weekly Update

Hello folks! Hope you are having a great week! It is school vacation week, and the snow has finally given young people an opportunity to go sledding! Lots of young fun seekers have been over at the Governor Ames Estate and Borderland State Park, taking advantage of the gentle slopes there.

When I was a kid, we used to sled at an old sand pit behind Highland Street. We would drag our sleds down South Street, cross Highland, and go into the woods. A short distance in, the land had been dug out, leaving a sharp incline that once scaled would provide some good downhill fun! Somehow I did not mind the cold so much back then! There was a small brook that ran across the bottom of the hill, so if the weather was cold enough to freeze it, all went well. There were times when the ice was not so thick, and we would get ourselves pretty wet. And of course, at the end of the day, we had to drag our tired selves (and our sleds) back up South Street to get home. Where were you on this day in 1980? If the date sounds familiar, there is a good reason for it. Many of us were glued to our television sets watching a young but fearless group of Americans defeat the four time defending Olympic Gold Medalist Soviet Ice Hockey Team! That Soviet team, considered the best in the world, had held the Olympic Gold since 1964 (they had only lost one Olympic level game since 1968). The young American team, comprised of college students and one player who had prior Olympic experience, rallied to come from behind in the third period and shock the Olympic world with the now famous "Miracle on Ice" game. There were many heroes in that game, perhaps none bigger than goalie Jim Craig of Easton, who made a number of huge stops in the second and third periods of that game. The Soviets led 3-2 entering the third period, and it could have been a much larger deficit had Craig not been at the absolute top of his game. The American's 4-3 win propelled them to the championship game a few days later, and they defeated Finland 4-2 for the gold medal. I remember it, I was watching those games at home in our living room on television. It is something I will always remember. Stay well, and enjoy the weekend! Frank

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