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Greetings from a snowy Easton! It is very pretty here this morning. Even though we are in between storms, there is a silver lining to today's snowfall. It is that light, fluffy snow that makes it so much easier to move! The Town of Easton has begun pre-treating roads with a salt solution prior to storms, and I think it has been very helpful in keeping our roads clear. A hearty thank you to all of our DPW workers for doing a great job on Easton's roads!

This past Wednesday, State Auditor and Easton resident Suzanne Bump held a reception at her office to celebrate the rehanging of the portrait of Governor Oliver Ames in the Massachusetts Statehouse. The event was attended by many members of the Ames family as well as our elected representatives, with Hazel Varella representing the Society. Governor Charlie Baker also attended. Below is the link to the press release that was in the Easton Journal. Thank you to Auditor Bump for her efforts to get the portrait rehung and for extending her hospitality for this celebration. See the story and photos here: https://easton.wickedlocal.com/news/20190227/auditor-bump-commemorates-former-governor-oliver-ames-from-easton

On a related note, the future Governor Ames was one of the three sons of Congressman Oakes Ames (the other sons being Oakes Angier Ames and Frank Morton Ames) who would become very involved in the building of the Oakes Ames Memorial Hall. I recently came upon a scrapbook from the Morse family, and found that Edward N. Morse was invited to be a director of the first Board of Directors back in October 1881. Below is an image of a handwritten note from Oakes A. Ames inviting Morse to become a director. If you have trouble reading it, don't worry. I've transcribed it below for you.

Stay well, warm, and remember to duck those snowballs!


North Easton, October 31, 1881

Mr. Edward N. Morse

Dear sir,

We are going to give our Hall to a corporation to hold in trust for the benefit of the town and want you to be one of the Corporation. We have selected for the Corporators

George C. Belcher

George Barrows

Edwin Gilmore

Lewis H. Smith

John O. Dean

Oliver Ames

F. L. Ames

O. A. Ames

E. N. Morse.

Please let me know if you will accept. There will be no risk in it.

Yours truly,

Oakes A. Ames

*As you can see from the letter, Oakes A. Ames would become Director and President, and Oliver Ames Director and Treasurer. Names with the annotation "D" are those who have accepted the position of Director.


Frank T. Meninno

Curator, Easton Historical Society and Museum

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