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Greetings one and all! March is full of unique days it seems. If you didn't notice, yesterday was Pi day! A day to honor that most unique of numbers and endless Pi jokes. For example, there is a tee shirt with the saying "my password is the last eight digits of Pi" and the old joke from the familiar formula, Pi R square, no cakes are square, pies are round! OK, enough bad puns.

Math was important to me as a machinist and was always handy when solving for missing information. It was so important that my former teacher, the late Joseph Selila of West Bridgewater, had a special way to focus on it. When teaching shop math at Southeastern Regional, every math test for four years began with the same question: What is the Pythagorian Theorem? Well, A2 + B2 = C2 did not suffice. We had to write it out longhand, and I'll never forget it. It goes thus: In any right triangle, the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides. That little ditty led into discussions on formulas, how to solve them, how to transpose them, and how to get them to solve your missing number problem. And of course Pi played a role in many of our formulas. But we did not deal with abstracts. Our answers provided tangible results easily seen in the success (or failure) of our work. It was a lesson well learned. Attached for you today is our spring newsletter (no math included!). There are several items of note. First is that this year is the 50th anniversary of the Society being gifted the former Old Colony Railroad Station by David Ames, Sr., John S. Ames, Jr., Senator Oliver F. Ames, and William A. Parker. That will be celebrated during the year. Second, we will begin that celebration at the 20th annual "Chowder and Chatter" on May 2nd. Representatives of the Ames family and the Historical Society will discuss receiving the building as a special gift. Details are in the newsletter as well as your reservation form. Thanks to Lee and Kevin Williams for continuing to sponsor this great event first envisioned by the late Dr. Robert F. Misiewicz. Our spring bottle drive will be held Saturday, May 4th. The Society's annual meeting will be held Sunday, May 5th at Queset with special guest Dr. Uma Hiremath, Executive Director of the Ames Free Library, who will speak on the Ames Free Library and their programs. Please note two date changes for the April and May open houses. The April open house will be held the first Sunday in April to accommodate the schedules of our OAHS seniors who are presenting a program. The May open house is on the third Sunday so we do not compete with Mother's Day. Hope to see you soon, Frank


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