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Greetings from a very April showery Easton! This weekend we reflect on the miracles of Passover and Easter. I'll be at Sheep Pasture Sunday morning, joining with other Easton churches for the annual Sunrise Service. Even though it may be difficult to see the sunrise tomorrow, there is something about being in community that is meaningful.

Today I want to focus on another community, a group of Oliver Ames High School seniors, who recently presented at our April 7 Open House. These students are part of a special offering called "Senior Project" that is run by OA teacher and Senior Project Coordinator Craig Goldberg. Only a select number of students are chosen for this year-long program. Students who are chosen must commit to seeing their learning project through. It isn't an easy task! These students, once their projects are approved, must seek out a mentor in their chosen field of study, do fieldwork, and develop written, oral, and visual presentations that will detail their work. The students who participated this year, and who presented at the Museum, are: Cameron Bourne, Gabi Cunha, Sandy Elias, Shanelle Fakhri, Prithika Ganesh, Ashley Glover, Kyle Marsh, Benjamin Melz, Loukas Pedone, Olivia Piazza, Kayla Raleigh, Jonathan Tolub, and Grace Weintrob. The topics included fashion design, renewable energy, musical composition, physical and emotional, health, firefighting, and a diversity of other great topics. What impressed me most was how this project steered students towards changing what they want to pursue in college and their future career paths. A number of students remarked that they changed their minds on their future after going through this program, and that through it they were able to identify their passion. The Society is privileged to play a part in encouraging all of our Easton students.

Good luck to these outstanding young men and women!

Looking forward to some sunshine,



Frank T. Meninno

Curator, Easton Historical Society and Museum 508-238-7774

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