Weekly Update

Greetings! We have a beautiful day unfolding here in Easton, lots of sun and warm temperatures! I keep hearing that summer isn't too far off.

There is no open house this weekend, as we do not compete with mothers! I hope you will all take time to honor the special woman in your life, or take time to reflect on those who have been a part of your life in years past.

Our Open House next Sunday, the 19th, will feature a book signing by Buddy Wooster and Jonathan Coe for their new book "A Beautiful Image of Historic Easton." Specially priced for all at $50, the entire proceeds from the sale will benefit the Easton Historical Society and Museum. We are very grateful to Buddy and Jon, and to Bob Berg and North Easton Savings Bank for underwriting the cost of publication. Thanks to them, and the fine printing done by Bill Clay of Walker-Clay, the Museum stands to benefit handsomely from their generosity. The first edition has been hand-numbered. You can reference the attached flyer for more information.

Hope you have a great week, and hats off to our moms!


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