A Note from Jon...

Hi All,

Yesterday we were able to finally connect with now retired, Bob Berg and recognize him with a copy of our recent book.

Bob, along with the North Easton Savings Bank, believed in our project and helped to subsidize the printing of 200 copies. He also was instrumental

in adding to the committed subsidy after we ran over on our page count in the book!

Attached is a picture of myself, Buddy, Hazel, Ken and Bob at the Museum yesterday morning.

On another note regarding the book, Mark Luke has a established an Easton Youth Fund in the name of his late father, James Luke, and has purchased 6 of our books. He is

donating them to each of the Easton Public School libraries in the name of James Luke. A small ceremony is being held today before the 5th grade class field day at the Louis Adams Frothingham Park, where he will present a book to

the Principal of the Richardson/Olmsted School. Buddy and I will be in attendance as well. A BIG thank you to Nancy DeLuca for coordinating this fantastic event!

ps. Get well soon Pat!


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